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Media writing for communication
week 1
COM 345 Week 1 Quiz

COM 345 Week 1 Quiz

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Question : What is the meaning of the term “Chyron”? Question : What is the name given to using someone’s name, voice, likeness or other defining characteristic without that person’s permission? Question : Which of the following is NOT one of the Nine Basic Rulse of Broadcast-Style Writing? Question : What is the name for when important values are different from one culture to another resulting in possible ethical challenges? Question : What is the final step of the nine steps in the writing process? Question : What is required for you to have a brochure you designed be protected legally by copyright law? Question : In the USA advertisers can legally stretch the truth, within limits. Acceptable exaggeration in advertising is called what? Question : A recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics project surveyed about 60,000 households and concluded that most Blacks prefer to be called “black” rather than “African American”. Hispanics prefer “Hispanic” rather than “Spanish”. According to this survey American Indians prefer to be called why what title? Question : Copyright law protects people who write. The written work is defined by federal law as “original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form of expression.” What is the name of this kind of owned property? Question : The “fair use” doctrine allows what students, teachers, reporters, reviewers and other to do what?

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