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Media writing for communication
week 2
COM 345 Week 2 Quiz

COM 345 Week 2 Quiz

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Question : There are two kinds of radio news releases. One is the radio reader. What is the other? Question : What is the name of one of the four models of public relations defined by Grunig and Hunt that focuses on gaining favorable publicity from the news media? Question : In all news releases whether paper, e-mail or otherwise, with writer should focus on who? Question : In the media business, VNR stands form what? Question : What is the wrong time to attempt to call a news journalist? Question : What is one advantage of using a “pitch” instead of a feature or short teaser news release when submitting news to the media? Question : The entire news story of an Announcement New Release follows what kind of structure? Question : It is recommended that a media writer avoid asking journalist to delay the publication or broadcast of the newsworthy story. This request to hold a story to later publication is called what? Question : What is the most common type of news release? Question : When submitting a press release about an event to the newspapers, radio and television stations, how far in advanced should the announcement be given?

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