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Communication studies capstone
week 5
COM 480 Week 5 Final Project

COM 480 Week 5 Final Project

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In this capstone course students will develop a Professional Blog using the Google site Blogger. The final project is a compilation of content that illustrates the skill and professionalism of students work created in this course and from writings completed in previous courses. Students will design a professional site to use in demonstrating their abilities and showcasing their work to prospective employers and other audiences. When creating the Blog, students should consider the following guidelines: Purpose, Design, Audience, and Appropriate Content.  Writing the Final Project In Weeks One through Five of this class the student will have a written assignment that will contribute to the development of a Professional Blog. 1. In Week One, students will create a Blog using the instructions provided by Google in the Blogger website.
 2. In Week Two, students will write a 250 - 300 word summary of each of the four different media technologies
selected in the Discussion of that week and will post the summaries in their Blog (four summaries total). Students will continue to enhance and revise the typography, page design, graphics, and general layout of the Blog. Additionally, students are encouraged to add to their Blog any materials that will demonstrate mastery of communication studies and writing skills. (Adding written work from previous courses as additional content is highly recommended.)
 3. In Week Three, students will review a specific case study and explain in 350 – 700 words how they would deliver bad news tactfully and effectively, and will add this case study to their Blogs.
 4. In Week Four, students will review and critique three of their fellow classmates’ Blogs. Students will use the feedback they receive from each other to improve their own Blogs.
 5. In Week Five, students are encouraged to make any necessary revisions to their Blogs. During this course students have been gradually designing their own professional Blogs. Students completed Blogs will be graded on the following elements: 1. Purpose – The material posted to the Blog clearly illustrates that the purpose is to demonstrate the student’s proficiency in the field of Communication Studies.
 2. Design – The blog should be designed using the following elements: Structure, balance, color, small details, clarity and emphasis, remarkability, and functionality.
 3. Content – The content is sufficient (there are samples of media writing, technical writing, and other relevant material) to demonstrate mastery of the coursework in the Communication Studies program. The quality of the material posted represents quality academic work. There are no grammar or punctuation errors.
 4. Audience – the blog is designed and contains content that reach the intended audience.
 To submit this assignment, please create an APA title page, and include the URL on a word document.

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