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Cognitive development of infants & young children
week 4
ECE 353 Week 4 DQ 2 False Belief Tasks

ECE 353 Week 4 DQ 2 False Belief Tasks

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According to your text, “the ‘gold standard’ that researchers use to demonstrate understanding of belief is success on tasks that require understanding of one’s own or another person’s false belief” (Siegler, 2005, pg. 318). Young children often fail false belief tasks.  This finding has been interpreted in a number of different ways.  Give an original example of a false belief task that could be given to a three-year-old (do not use an example from the text).  Describe an interpretation of children’s poor performance on false belief tasks.  Provide at least two factors that can enhance the performance of students on false belief tasks.  How can preschool teachers utilize their knowledge of student performance on these tasks as well as their knowledge of performance enhancers when planning for instruction?

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