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Assessment & intervention during early childhood
week 5
ECE 354 Week 5 Final Paper

ECE 354 Week 5 Final Paper

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As you have learned throughout this course, assessments are used for many purposes. As professionals working with children, we must look at assessment as a driving force behind planning instruction and developing goals for those children in our care. We must begin to understand the relationship between how children are assessed and how assessment data is used. This is a multistep process of gathering data, determining goals for instruction, and then implementing those goals into our work with children. For this Final Project, you are asked to do the first two steps of this process. You will develop a partial portfolio for the child you observed, and, with that information, you will develop instructional goals for that child. This assignment has three parts: 1. The first part of this assignment requires you to develop a mission statement. Using your completed Assessment Purpose KWL Chart from the Week Five Reflection Journal, create your mission statement outlining: 1. The purpose of assessment.
 2. Your plan for including assessment when working with children.
 3. How you can use assessment to document children’s work.
 4. How you will use children’s interests and ideas when assessing.
 2. This statement should also include your position on working with children with developmental delays. This mission statement will be the introduction to this Final Project.
 3. The second part of this assignment requires you to create a partial portfolio for the child you have been working with. Remember, you must maintain the confidentiality of the child.
For this partial portfolio: 1. Observe the child you have been working with using the document “Developmental Checklists Birth to Five” from The Early Childhood Direction Center. Make sure to use the appropriate age range for the child.
 2. After completing the screener, create a diagnostic test for the developmental area where the child scored the lowest on the screener. Make sure to include a statement explaining the purpose of the assessment. You will also need the information you compiled on this child from the Week Three Observation Assignment. (Be sure to make any changes recommended by your instructor.) This includes both observation forms: Running Record or Anecdotal Record and Time Sampling or Event Sampling forms.
3. The final part of this assignment requires you to create developmentally appropriate instructional goals for this student (based on the age of the child you are working with and all of the data you have gathered). 1. Create at least three instructional goals for each domain: cognitive, physical, social and emotional, and language.
 Along with each goal, provide a corresponding classroom activity that will be used to help this child reach this goal.
 2. You will also create a recommendation plan, which you will share with the child’s parents, for helping this child to continue with his or her growth and development at home. ▪   First, explain your plan for talking with parents about the assessments and the information gained from them.
 ▪   Then provide three activities as well as instructions for each that the parents of this child can work on at home.
 3. You will also discuss which of the early intervention programs you researched you feel would be appropriate for this child and why. If you do not feel any would be appropriate, clearly state why you believe this to be true using the data from the assessments you created.
 This part of the assignment should be at least a page in length. 

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