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Children & families in a diverse society
week 1
ECE 405 Week 1 Journal Children’s Most Prized Possessions.

ECE 405 Week 1 Journal Children’s Most Prized Possessions.

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Gabriele Galimberti, photographer, captured children of the world with their favorite objects. View the collection of photos “Toy Stories” and reflect on the following: 1. If a picture is worth a thousand words, as an early childhood educator what are your 300 words to describe these images and this collection? ◦ As you look through these photographs, what emotions are you feeling?
 ◦ What thoughts do you have?
 2. Expand on your response through a detailed discussion that critically elaborates on the diverse perspectives of the children’s choices.
 If this assignment poses an accessibility issue, please your instructor directly for an alternative assignment.

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