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Scientific & technical writing
week 3
ENG 328 Week 3 DQ 1 Web Design and Readability

ENG 328 Week 3 DQ 1 Web Design and Readability

Short description

Organizing and designing web pages should start with a clear purpose and the intended audience. Online readers expect speed and consistency and will quickly leave a site if it is difficult to navigate. Online readers prefer not to scroll horizontal and expect to easily find information from the site's homepage. Technical writers for the web need to write clear and concise content, as well as be aware of how visually appealing the websites are to the audience. Too much text or flashy animations can be distracting for the reader. 

Search the Internet for an example of a website that is well designed and one that is poorly designed. Provide the links to each site. Identify the characteristics that make the good design effective. Include readability, use of colors, font, and the overall design of the website. Then, identify why the second website is poorly designed and what criteria you used to make your determination. Explain how the poor design is a distraction for the reader and how this affects the readability of the content. Be sure the links that you share are academically appropriate.

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