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Environmental impact
week 1
ENV 333 Week 1 Quiz

ENV 333 Week 1 Quiz

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The following criteria must be addressed in an Environmental Assessment: 
 The first section of the EIS is 
 It is never acceptable to utilize a previously prepared EIS 
 A supplemental Draft EIS and Final EIS must be completed if more than 4 years has elapsed since the circulation of the Draft EIS with no action or preparation of a FEIS 
 An interactive effect is defined as 
 The environmental criteria for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) includes only natural resources 
 An Environmental Assessment is prepared for projects or actions that will have a significant effect of the environment 
 What section of the NEPA regulation address the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)? 
 The no-build alternative should consider future projects and projections as a part of its definition 
 Once the list of alternatives is reduced through the screening process, the fatal-flaw analysis is completed and the preferred alternative is immediately selected

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