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Introduction to law enforcement administration
week 5
LEA 201 Week 5 Reflective Paper

LEA 201 Week 5 Reflective Paper

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The Reflective Paper should demonstrate understanding of the reading materials, as well as, new materials discussed and researched throughout the course. The eight to ten page paper should integrate readings, discussions, and prior work and life experiences. It may include explanations and examples from previous experience, as well as implications for future application. The Reflective Paper must focus on three of the major topics of discussion listed and identified throughout the course. Identify the impact these topics can have on the administration of the law enforcement organization. The topics for a summary include the following which are identified in subject order:  PoliceandAdministration
 CommunityPolicing
 NewInformationTechnologies
 Intelligence-LedPolicing
 HomelandSecurity
 PoliticsandPoliceAdministration
 TraditionalOrganizationalTheory
 OrganizationalStructureandCommunityPolicing LeadershipandMotivation
 LeadershipStyles
 PlanningandDecisionMaking
 OrganizationalCommunication
 HumanResourceManagement
 PersonnelInvestigationsandDiscipline
 LaborRelations
 Budget Formats
 StressinLawEnforcement
 LiabilityRegardingDeadlyForceandPursuits
 AdministrativeDisciplineandDueProcess
 OrganizationalChangeandtheFuture  The Reflective Paper must identify the main issues within the selected areas of reference, depict the new learning that has occurred throughout the course, and relate specific, current, and/or relevant experiences from your past or current workplace and/or organization that demonstrate applicable learning and understanding. The emphasis of the Paper should be the expression of gained knowledge and learning.

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