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Ethics in law enforcement
week 5
LEA 316 Week 5 Final Paper

LEA 316 Week 5 Final Paper

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Focus of the Final Paper In an eight- to ten-page paper, address the following: •   Describe and explain two theories/models of ethics/morality as outlined in the text. One of them should be close to a model that you believe in or one you can relate to.
 •   Compare the theories/models of ethics/morality. What is different about them? What is the same?
 •   How do they explain morality or ethics?
 •   Explain, by comparing and contrasting, how each would view the following: ◦ -  criminal behavior
 ◦ -  police corruption
 ◦ -  criminal responsibility, punishment, or consequences
 •   Identify a model that explains your moral thinking or what you believe is a good theory for morality? Explain why you chose this model. Use an example from your life or personal beliefs to explain your reasoning.
You may use examples from the text, your experiences, or criminal justice to explain any of the concepts above and illustrate your points. Use at least five academic resources other than the required text to support your claims. Two of these resources must come from the Ashford Online Library.
Choose from the following theories/models:
 Determinism  Indeterminism  Relativism
 Objectivism
 Universalism  Egoism
 Divine Command Theory
 Mutual Advantage
 Kohlberg’s stages of Moral Development Consequentialism
 Deontology
 Virtue Ethics

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