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Fiscal administration in law enforcement
week 3
LEA 432 Week 3 Assignment

LEA 432 Week 3 Assignment

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Annotated Bibliography. Review the Research Paper instructions found within the Research Paper link in your online course or under the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide. The Research Paper is due in Week Five. To help with preparation, complete the following and submit to your instructor for feedback. 1. Topics: Select five topics that interest you, as provided in the Research Paper guidelines.
 2. Thesis: Develop your thesis statement—the point or perspective you will argue for, prove, and defend
throughout the paper. Please see the Ashford-approved grammar handbook for information on how to develop a solid thesis. 
c. APA Reference Page: For this paper you must conduct research in peer-reviewed journals or other sources that are considered reliable and academic. In addition to the textbook, you need to incorporate at least five professional scholarly sources for support.
Academic Research
Academic research and papers must meet certain standards of quality recognized by the academic community. What constitutes quality, academic research?
Primary sources written by experts in the field of study
Secondary sources supported by research in primary sources
Credible sources (experts in the area of study)
Relevant research (materials are pertinent to the area of study)
In graduate work, the use of peer-reviewed journal articles (journal articles reviewed by recognized experts in the relevant field of study) is required.
Educational and Government websites may be appropriate in some cases but should be evaluated carefully. What sources are not acceptable for academic research and referencing?
Wikipedia, other wikis, or blogs
Websites and other sources that do not provide quality researched materials—that is, the site does not employ credible sources to support the information in the document)
All research must be documented according to APA standards (see guidelines for avoiding plagiarism) and reflect professional, academic protocol.
The purpose of the APA Reference Page is to assist you in developing research analysis skills including: critical thinking, writing, and literature research skills. The reference page should include the following information for each source:
o Name of the article, including the complete citation
o Summary/abstract of the article – annotation. Sometimes, it is helpful to ask yourself the following
questions in synthesizing the information: ◦   Who is the author?
 ◦   What was done? For example, was it an experimental study investigating the interaction of
short term memory and attention?
 ◦   How was it done?
 ◦   What were the major findings? 

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