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Fiscal administration in law enforcement
week 5
LEA 432 Week 5 Final Paper

LEA 432 Week 5 Final Paper

Short description

Each student will submit an eight-to-ten page paper (excluding the title and reference page) that is sufficiently supported by research, data, and substantiated theory or application. In addition, and most importantly, the student’s paper must incorporate five of the topics from the list below:  The relationship between a strategic plan and the budgeting process.  •   The impact of a recession on a law enforcement agency’s ability to plan a budget.
 •   Apply a specific budgeting process: line item or zero based budget.
 •   Who is involved in the budgeting process?
 •   Impact of budget decisions in maximizing operational effectiveness and community trust.
 •   Priorities in the budget cycle.
 •   Types of alternative funding.
 •   Significance of a cost-benefit analysis in program evaluation.
 •   Resourceprioritization.
Using the topics above as a guide, address the following within the Research Paper:
 Examine current problems, issues, and factors that influence present and future budgetary decisions.
 Evaluate each selected topic with regard to law enforcement administration, leadership, and management.  Apply budgetary theory to a realistic budgeting process and describe the relationship between the two.
 Analyze the budgeting process and reference research and data as support

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